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Improving Repayment Success with Cohort Catalyst®

calendar-mini-icon Thursday, March 10 at 11:00 a.m. CST

Duration: 60 minutes

Having a comprehensive plan in place to improve repayment success is important now more than ever. With the student loan suspension coming to an end, many borrowers will have questions and others may struggle to repay. Cohort Catalyst, our repayment support and default prevention solution, can help your borrowers get on track. Through Cohort Catalyst, they’ll receive expert outreach and personalized counseling to keep them out of default. And for those who have fallen off track, we help them successfully complete rehabilitation. Attend this session to learn how Cohort Catalyst can improve repayment success and make a difference in the lives of borrowers during these economic challenges.

Specific topics covered:

  • The CARES Act impact on student loan repayment
  • How Cohort Catalyst can help borrowers
  • Success Outcomes