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Provide one-to-one personalized support from a trustworthy source.

For more than 50 years, Ascendium has supported student loan borrowers to positive outcomes. Through expert insight and counseling we’ve helped millions of people achieve repayment success.

Our Success Coaches average seven years of experience at Ascendium. They offer compassion to borrowers and their unique situations, and an unparalleled knowledge of student loan regulations and policies. They've heard it all. They know how to help. And they take pride in partnering with each individual to help them succeed.

Personal Approach

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We can address most repayment questions, high level or detailed, no talk time limits, bilingual coaches available

Clear, Accurate Guidance


Straight-forward, trustworthy information with helpful resources to support next steps



If requested, we can assist borrowers in conference calls with their loan servicer

Hand with phone-budgetBrittany had been calling her loan servicer because she couldn't afford her monthly student loan payment. But the servicer’s line kept ringing and nobody answered. I told her about the CARES Act. Brittany was grateful and she plans to call us back after the suspension ends. We plan to review her program options and connect with her loan servicer. She kept saying how happy and relieved she was.

All Solutions Offer

Easy onboarding 


Impeccable customer support

repayment_optionsSammy said she feels lucky to be working right now. But, even with an income she was worried about making her loan payment. After I shared information about the CARES Act, she was very happy and couldn’t stop thanking me. Sammy was grateful she had time to figure out an alternative payment plan and will call us back at the end of the year to go over her options.

Highest level of Support

Using these solutions in tandem with each other you provide the highest level of support.


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