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Student Loan Success Center

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Address student loan confusion

For over 50 years we’ve simplified the complex. Provided expert insight and counseling. And helped millions of people achieve repayment success. Student Loan Success Center is a customer helpline offering personalized repayment support from a trustworthy source.

Counseling that goes above and beyond traditional loan servicing support


Clear, Accurate

Unparalleled knowledge of federal student loan regulations, policies and servicing activities.


360° of Student Loan Support

Paired with online financial education videos and interactive tools.


High-touch Personalized Conversations

Compassionate counselors tailor discussions to each borrower’s unique situation, with no talk-time limitations.


Untangle Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Guidance for public servants on how to benefit from this unique program.


Download our white paper to better understand the student loan landscape.

Borrower Impact
  • Reduce confusion & anxiety about student loan repayment
  • Learn about income-driven repayment plans
  • Navigate Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Receive accurate insight about federal programs from a trustworthy source 
Solution Features
  • Easy onboarding
  • Toll-free number
  • Experienced counselors average 7+ years at Ascendium
  • Bilingual team members
“Brittany kept calling her loan servicer because she couldn't afford her student loan payment, but nobody answered. After I told her about the CARES Act forbearance in effect, she was elated. Brittany will call us back when the suspension ends, to review her options and connect with her loan servicer. She kept saying how relieved she was.”


Student Loan Success Center Coach


    Student Loan Success Center can give borrowers a Smart Restart to student loan repayment.

    Paired with online financial education solution to maximize impact



    For Employers

    Knowledge Center

    Help employees achieve their financial goals with engaging videos and interactive tools.

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    For Higher Education


    A student success curriculum with the right lessons at the right time to improve persistence and completion.

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