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Reduce Financial Stress and Achieve Your Dreams Faster

Student loans are stressful regardless of income level. They’re confusing, they create financial strain and negatively impact people’s ability to save for retirement.

Let your employer know you’re interested in student loan repayment support.

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What if your employer could help make student loan repayment easier?

If you’ve got student loans, you know how much they can affect all aspects of your life. From putting your plans on hold to dealing with financial stress, student loan debt can hold you back. Uncertainty about the future of student loan repayment is only adding to the problem. Fortunately, there are ways to help make student loan repayment easier, including Student Loan Repayment Assistance (SLRA) and student loan counseling from your employer.


What is SLRA?

SLRA is a benefit offered by employers to help paydown their employee’s student loans. The tax-free contribution makes a life-changing impact on employee wellbeing and helps employers find and keep top talent. That’s a win-win for everyone.


What is student loan counseling?

Student loan counseling is support from trusted specialists, available to help employees and their families successfully navigate student loan repayment. Whether it’s one-to-one individualized guidance or 24/7 online self-service resources, student loan counseling helps people understand their repayment options, student loan forgiveness programs and how to access them.

Let your employer know that you’re interested in student loan repayment support.

We help employers provide student loan repayment benefits to their employees. Let your employer know that SLRA and student loan counseling are important benefits that would positively impact your well-being.

Tell Your Employer

Why share information about our student loan repayment solutions with your employer?

In a tight labor market, employers want to know which benefits are important to you. They want to attract and retain top talent. But since financial wellness benefits like SLRA and student loan counseling are new, many employers don’t know about the programs, their impact or how to add them to their benefits line-up.

88 percent

of employees would increase their commitment to their employer if that employer offered SLRA

Source: Ascendium

Ready to take action?

Let your employer know you’re interested in student loan benefits from Attigo.

I’m interested in Student Loan Repayment Support

Hi [Human Resources Leadership],

As you may know, student loans are a leading source of debt and a main cause of financial stress. I recently learned about two employee benefits that could help. Attigo provides Student Loan Repayment Assistance (SLRA) and student loan counseling. One helps employees pay off their student debt faster and the other is a trustworthy source of student loan repayment guidance. These benefits could help our company better keep and attract top talent while reducing turnover costs.

Please take a moment to look over this helpful infographic and the Employer’s Guide to Student Loan Repayment Assistance to see how [Company Name] can introduce these benefits.

Thanks for your time,

[Employee Name]

Have Us Reach Out

Share the contact information for your human resources leadership. We’ll reach out to let them know an employee is interested in student loan benefits.