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Help Alums Navigate Student Loan Repayment

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Schools have different needs when it comes to student loan repayment support. That’s why we provide multiple options and can customize our programs to meet your unique situation and goals.
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Choose the Best Model for Your School

Option 1: Data-Driven Outreach, Education, and Counseling

Cohort Catalyst® is rooted in the lessons we’ve learned from helping millions of borrowers avoid default.
  • Uses data we gather from the National Student Loan Data System to identify borrowers that need support.
  • School-branded outreach, from grace through default.
  • Includes Student Loan Success Center™, an inbound call center with expert student loan repayment counseling.
  • Dedicated late-stage delinquency team.
  • Skip trace research.
  • 24/7 school access to dashboard and reports.
  • Chat initiation available.
  • Post-call resolution resources.

Option 2: Inbound Helpline

When student loan repayment questions arise, alums can contact our Student Loan Success Center through a toll-free phone number without long wait times. Alums can also contact success coaches by email or chat.
  • Personalized Counseling. Student Loan Success Center provides personalized counseling and valuable insight based on your alums’ unique situation, without long wait times.
  • Education. Self-help resources at your alums’ fingertips. Our Knowledge Center website provides videos, articles, and guides to help your alums achieve their financial goals and navigate repayment.
  • Technology. Provided by Savi, this sophisticated tool detects eligibility for 150+ repayment and forgiveness programs, with a focus on savings and forgiveness.

How Did Borrowers Score Our Expert Counselors?

  • 97% were very satisfied or satisfied with the support they received.
  • 93% said counselors were helpful.
  • 93% said counselors provided very clear information.
  • 95% said they are very or somewhat likely to use our counseling again.

Based on a recent survey we provided to borrowers after their call with us. These results reflect more than 2,800 responses.

“The wealth of knowledge and understanding I gained from the few times I have spoken with the team regarding my student debt is invaluable. I feel much more educated on my options and the status of assistance to repay my debt. Thank you!”

A graduate from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

“I always appreciate getting a call from [Ascendium’s] repayment support. I have them in my phone as a trustworthy source of information for student loan repayment. With so many resources out there it’s hard to know who to trust. Great job and thanks for the help!”

A former student of Milwaukee Area Technical College

I really liked the person I spoke to. She listened and provided excellent information to me as well as being a caring person when I mentioned health struggles.

A Graduate From Valencia College

I appreciate the help I received, I was getting scammed and I needed your team’s help. [The Rep] talked to the scammer with me on the phone, that’s when I realized how lucky I was to have her help.

A Former Student From Madison College

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