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Financial Wellness Resources to Support Persistence and Completion

GradReady web tool on smartphone screen. Buttons for: Paying for college, Money Management, Learning to Learn, Life Skills for Success and Real-World Finance
Our online student success curriculum, student loan helpline, and student debt letter are quick and easy to implement because there’s no installation. School branding helps students make an immediate connection and empowers them to make informed decisions about paying for college, develop academic and life management skills, and successfully navigate student loan repayment.
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Help More Students Get to the Finish Line

Online Student Success Curriculum with Loan Counseling Helpline

GradReady® is a cost-effective, online student success curriculum providing the right lessons at the right time.
  • Interactive and engaging multimedia resources support various learning styles.
  • An administrator dashboard is available 24/7 to track engagement and performance with real-time data.
  • Federal Student Aid loan data is integrated into the solution.
  • The website is ADA and UDAPP compliant.
  • Alums get access to the Student Loan Success Center helpline to provide personalized repayment guidance tailored to their unique needs.

Student Debt Letter

College Cost Meter® produces the correspondence you need to achieve your goals. It presents the financial aid, student loan, and institution-specific information students need to know.
  • Customize your correspondence using an expansive list of financial aid categories and updatable content.
  • Complies with state requirements for sending student indebtedness data.
  • Private loan details are included in the data.
  • No login barrier to access.
  • It’s FISMA compliant using NIST protocols.
  • Student data is protected in accordance with FERPA.
  • It’s ADA and UDAPP compliant.

Helping People Reach their Full Potential

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College Cost Meter FAQ’s

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“GradReady is effective because it engages students and allows them to learn at their own pace about student loans, managing their money, building credit, and what to do beyond college. I think that this could lead to more students finishing, being academically responsible and not getting into financial debt.”


Minneapolis Community and Technical College

“The wealth of knowledge and understanding I gained from the few times I have spoken with the team regarding my student debt is invaluable. I feel much more educated on my options and the status of assistance to repay my debt. Thank you!”

A graduate from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

“I always appreciate getting a call from [Ascendium’s] repayment support. I have them in my phone as a trustworthy source of information for student loan repayment. With so many resources out there it’s hard to know who to trust. Great job and thanks for the help!”

A former student of Milwaukee Area Technical College

I really liked the person I spoke to. She listened and provided excellent information to me as well as being a caring person when I mentioned health struggles.

A Graduate From Valencia College

I appreciate the help I received, I was getting scammed and I needed your team’s help. [The Rep] talked to the scammer with me on the phone, that’s when I realized how lucky I was to have her help.

A Former Student From Madison College

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