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Attigo® is a suite of solutions created to help people reach their goals and attain lifelong success. In partnership with higher education organizations, employers and service providers, our comprehensive solutions support academic achievement, financial wellness and student loan repayment success.

Services We Provide


Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Make contributions to your employees’ student loans to help them conquer their debt more quickly, reduce their financial stress, improve workplace productivity and employee retention.

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Student Loan Counseling

Personalized counseling from trustworthy experts trained to help people effectively manage their highly complex student loans.


Online Financial Education

Improve financial knowledge through online training, tools and resources.


Online Professional Training

Online training to support student success, money management and professional development.

“With everything we do, we are always mindful that helping people achieve their education and financial goals in life benefits us all.”

- Jeff Crosby

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ascendium Education Solutions



Successfully Navigating Student Loan Repayment:
What Borrowers Need and Why It Works

Ascendium performed in depth research to uncover how to best help borrowers achieve repayment success during these challenging times and beyond. Research included survey responses from nearly 10,000 student loan borrowers sharing sentiments about their student loan debt. Download our white paper to learn more.

Jordan's Story: How I Avoided Fake Student Loan Help

One out of three student loan borrowers have been contacted by an organization to “help” manage their loans for a fee or promised loan savings or forgiveness. Check out Jordan’s story to learn how she narrowly escaped paying costly fees for help that is available to her for free.


A Proven System to Achieve 91% College Completion Rate

Wallin Education Partners® has worked hard to make college graduation possible for high-potential students with financial need. More than a scholarship provider, they’ve introduced a support system that produces an incredible 91% graduation rate among its scholars. Gain insight and learn how to maximize persistence and completion for high-potential students with financial need.


Download our white paper to better understand the student loan landscape.

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