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The Attigo® Suite helps drive student success to new heights.

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As we navigate these difficult times together, we're here to help.
We've expanded our offering of free student-facing resources and on-line training for higher education professionals.


Student Debt
Letter Correspondence

Comply with state legislation and improve student outcomes. Check out our Definitive Guide to Student Debt Letters.



Student Loan
Repayment Support

Reduce default and its crippling consequences. Learn more about our solution, or send us a Request for Proposal.



Online Student
Success Curriculum

Empower students with critical knowledge and skills. See how this interactive curriculum makes it easy for students to take charge.


Training For
Higher Ed Professionals

Keep pace with emerging trends through our free webinars on student success, default management, and professional development. Register for upcoming sessions on the Free Training page. 

A Simple Yet Powerful Mission

Attigo aims to make college education a reality and change the trajectory of students' lives.
Less than 50% of all college students graduate
28% of first year students who borrowed federal loans didn’t know they had them

Source: Brookings Institute



The completion rate for low-income students is about 13%

"With everything we do, we are always mindful that moving students towards greater opportunity in life benefits us all."


Richard D. George, President & Chief Executive Officer

Ascendium Education Group® (formerly Great Lakes Higher Education)

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The path to postsecondary completion and achieving big dreams is made easier with Attigo®.
Our nationally recognized solutions help schools drive student success initiatives to new heights.

Attigo® is provided by Ascendium Education Solutions® who, for more than 50 years, has made postsecondary education a reality for millions of people. We’re a nonprofit and the nation’s largest student loan guarantor, a provider of student success tools, and a philanthropy whose mission is to elevate opportunities and outcomes for learners from low-income backgrounds.


We believe in the boundless power of education and support big dreams.