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Support Employees Who Struggle with Student Loan Debt

When you address the burden of student loans, recruitment and retention gets easier, engagement climbs, and productivity grows.

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Helping Employees and Employers
Achieve Their Goals

Our solutions can be used individually or in tandem to tackle every aspect of student loan distress. We bring 55+ years of experience, know-how, and industry insight. You can feel confident putting your valued employees in our trustworthy hands.

Employees Share the Impact of Student Loan Repayment Benefits

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69% of students with student loans said the debt will influence the jobs they’ll consider taking upon graduation. (Source: Handshake)


88% would increase their commitment to their employer if offered student loan repayment assistance. (Source: Ascendium Survey)

Boost Engagement

77% said student loan repayment assistance would boost employee morale and engagement and create a positive culture. (Source: Ascendium Survey)

Improve Productivity

72% said their work performance or productivity would increase if their employer contributed to their student loan. (Source: Ascendium Survey)

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There’s No Better Time Than Now to Add Student Loan Benefits

Student loans are stressful regardless of income level. They’re confusing, create financial strain, and negatively impact people’s ability to save for retirement. Concurrently, the labor market isn’t slowing, and talent acquisition and retention aren’t getting easier. Benefits continue to play a critical role in helping to attract and retain top talent. Student loan benefits are a win, win!

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Make contributions to your employees’ student loans or retirement account, reduce their financial stress, and improve workplace productivity and affinity.

Student Loan Repayment Support for Employees

Online financial education, personalized counseling, and a sophisticated tool to help people manage their highly complex student loans.

Online Professional Training

Free and By-Request Training to help organizations and people achieve their goals.
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The competition for top talent is fierce. A student loan paydown benefit helps you stand out.

Introducing this benefit is easier than you might think — our employer’s guide can help.

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