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Helping students achieve big dreams

Working in higher education, you understand student struggles. Classrooms (online and campus-based) have more working parents, older adults, first-generation, and low-income students than they used to.

As student diversity grows, the need to provide support services to this population also grows.

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How our products help improve student success

The Attigo® Suite can help your students reach their goals by delivering the right support at the right time. Our nationally recognized persistence and completion curriculum, student debt letter, student loan counseling, and training for business professionals makes postsecondary success easier.

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Each Attigo solution brings value to student success programming

But when combined their power to transform lives and achieve goals is exponentially greater.


Student Success Curriculum


Financial education and more, delivered online to support persistence and completion.

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Student Debt

College Cost Meter®

A student debt letter tool to improve outcomes and help comply with state legislation.

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Student Loan

Student Loan Success Center™

Provide one-to-one personalized support from trusted experts.

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Default Prevention Support

Cohort Catalyst®

Outreach and counseling to help students who struggle with repayment.

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Automated Data Analysis

Cohort Analyzer®

A tool to identify cohort discrepancies throughout the year for fewer challenges later.

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Default prevention and repayment support are key components to a comprehensive student success program. If you're creating a new program or reviewing an existing one, our resources can get you up to speed. We share unique approaches from your peers, uncover pricing models, and provide guides to share with your students.


Persistence and completion goes beyond providing financial literacy learning opportunities. To address the barriers students face, we first need to recognize the changing profile of today's students and how to support them throughout their college journey.


Quickly become a student debt letter expert through the use of these resources and best practices. Check out a debt letter example, uncover who is required to comply with state-based legislation, learn considerations for planning and implementing a debt letter, and more.

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