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Build Affinity with Customers and Members Who Struggle

Student loan debt is creating financial stress across the nation. This burden could be stopping your customers from achieving their goals. By providing specialized repayment support, you can help them reach their goals while building brand and product loyalty.

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Helping Customers and Members Achieve Their Goals

Nearly 73% of Millennials who have had student loan debt have delayed at least one major life event or financial milestone as a result. Source: Bankrate

  • 17% Getting married
  • 31% Home buying
  • 38% Savings for retirement
  • 28% Buying or leasing a car
  • 38% Having children
  • 38% Saving for emergencies
  • 28% Paying off another debt (e.g. credit card)
  • 4% Other

What We Provide

Student Loan Repayment Support for Customers or Members

Personalized counseling from trustworthy experts trained to help people effectively manage their highly complex student loans.

Help Your Customers

“Now more than ever our student customers are worried about finances and how to manage them. We partnered with Ascendium so we could ensure these young borrowers get high-quality information in an easy-to-understand format regarding not just their loans but the entire picture of financial health.”


Founder/CEO | Funding University

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