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Student Loan Benefits Address Your Clients’ Most Pressing Need

Student loan debt weighs heavily on millions of individuals, hindering their financial progress and overall well-being. Employers offering student loan repayment benefits become a beacon of relief and elevate their reputation. Add them to your product portfolio to help your employer customers reach their recruitment and retention goals.

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Help Employers Attract and Retain Top Talent

Student loan repayment benefits are relatively new. Many employers don’t know what’s available or where to start. We have up-to-date industry trends, articles, and resources to help educate and advise your clients.

Benefits include contributing to help employee’s pay down their student loans, tracking borrower payments to loan servicers to support a matching retirement account contribution, or counseling to help people manage their education debt.

Ascendium is a Trustworthy Partner

  • 55+ years helping millions of people achieve student loan repayment success.
  • Unparalleled knowledge of federal student loan regulations, policies, and servicing activity.
  • Mission-driven nonprofit committed to helping people reach their full potential.
  • Quick proposal turn-around and competitive fees.

Employees share reasons why employers should provide student loan repayment assistance.

  • 83%Retain valuable employees, give them a reason to stay at the company longer.
  • 83% Reduce the impact of employee financial stress.
  • 77% Boost employee morale and engagement, create a positive culture.
  • 57% Help the company attract the most talented people.
  • 57% Improve productivity and performance.
Source: Ascendium Survey

What We Provide

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Make contributions to your employees’ student loans or retirement account, reduce their financial stress, and improve workplace productivity and affinity.

Student Loan Repayment Support for Employees

Personalized counseling from trustworthy experts trained to help people effectively manage their highly complex student loans.

Online Professional Training

Free and By-Request Training to help organizations and people achieve their goals.


The competition for top talent is fierce. A student loan paydown benefit helps you stand out.

Introducing this benefit is easier than you might think — our employer’s guide can help.


Student Loan Debt by the Numbers — for Brokers

Use our interactive map to view student loan debt information by state.

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