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Benefit solutions to meet the needs of today’s employers

The Great Resignation has brought unexpected challenges with millions of people leaving their jobs in search of better pay and benefits and an improved work-life balance.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance (SLRA) is a highly sought-after employee benefit. Add it to your product portfolio to address your clients most pressing needs.

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Employees share reasons why employers should provide SLRA

Help employers attract and retain top talent

SLRA is a relatively new benefit, many employers don’t know where to start. We have up-to-date industry trends, articles and resources to help you educate and advise your clients.

SLRA is an ongoing, year-round investment in an employees’ financial well-being, and $5,250 per year is tax-free when provided as part of an Education Assistance Program.

Ascendium is a trustworthy partner

  • 50+ years helping millions of people achieve student loan repayment success.
  • Unparalleled knowledge of federal student loan regulations, policies and servicing activity.
  • Mission-driven nonprofit committed to helping people reach their full potential.
  • Comprehensive support includes student loan counseling and online financial education.
  • Quick proposal turn-around, competitive fees.

Suite of Employee Benefit Solutions


Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Co-Pay Partners®

Make contributions to employee student loans to help them conquer their debt more quickly.

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Student Loan Counseling

Student Loan Success Center™

Provide one-to-one personalized support from trusted experts.

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Online Financial Education

Knowledge Center

Generate better financial outcomes with engaging videos and interactive tools.

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Infographic of SLRA benefits.

Millions of people are seeking better pay and benefits and improved work-life balance. SLRA is ranked the third most important benefit to receive, behind retirement contributions and health/dental insurance. Learn more about why employers should offer this benefit.


Our free e-book is an employer’s roadmap to answer key questions about SLRA. It provides the steps, templates and resources to establish and implement an SLRA program in less than 60 days — any time of year regardless of budget cycle.


From articles to guides to marketing collateral, our Resources share the information you need to quickly become the SLRA expert.

Let’s work together to enhance the benefits package you present to clients.

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