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Knowledge Center

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Help employees or alum achieve their financial goals

Our online solution offers a comprehensive span of topics providing the right information at the right time—from college access to completion, navigating student loans, to developing financial skills to achieve big goals. Empower your employees or alum to better financial outcomes with engaging videos and interactive tools.

Build financial skills


Interactive and Engaging Platform

Multi-media resources to support various learning styles.


Subject Matter Experts

Material developed and presented by specialists in their field.


Expansive Library

Topics include higher-ed achievement, money management and professional development.


Paired with Student
Loan Success Center™

1:1 student loan counseling helpline.



User Impact
  • Support higher-ed achievement for individuals & their families
  • Tackle confusing college financing topics with ease
  • Reduce financial stress, confusion, anxiety
  • Instill confidence to navigate student loan repayment
Platform Features
  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Customer branded URL
  • Responsive to multiple devices
  • ADA and UDAPP compliant videos, resources, tools
  • Engaging & intuitive website


Knowledge Center can give borrowers a Smart Restart to student loan repayment.

“Next year, I'll have two kids in college and I'm super excited for us to start using Knowledge Center as a family. There's a lot to plan for and think about. I want my kids to make smart financial decisions and to also understand how their decisions today will impact them tomorrow.”

Cathy R.

Manager - HR Technology and Compensation

    Combine with other products to maximize impact

    Combine online financial education and personalized loan counseling with student loan repayment assistance to help employees achieve financial wellness more quickly.



    Student Loan Repayment Assistance

    Co-Pay Partners®

    Make contributions to employee student loans to help them conquer their debt more quickly.

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    Student Loan Counseling

    Student Loan Success Center™

    Provide one-to-one personalized support from trusted experts.

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