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Upcoming Conferences

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April 10-13: SHRM Talent Conference & Expo
April 20-22: California State HR
April 24-27: SHRM Virginia
April 26: SHRM Tri-State (CT, MA, RI)
May 4-6: SHRM South Dakota
May 18: In Business Expo - Wisconsin
May 23-25: BenefitsPro Brokers Expo
May 23-25: WorldatWork
TBD: SHRM California
June 12-15: SHRM National Conference

Higher-Ed Leaders

February 2-4: ISFAA - Indiana
February 20-23: SASFAA Southern Association
March. 16-18: OASFAA - Ohio
April 4-7: ILASFAA - Illinois
April 10-13: TASFAA - Tennessee
April 13-15: WASFAA - Wisconsin
May 4-6: MAFAA - Minnesota
May 15-18: EASFAA - Eastern Association
May 30-June 3: FASFAA - Florida
June 26-29: NASFAA - National
TBD: WASFAA Western Association

Helpful Resources for Higher-Ed Leaders

Visit our Student Success Virtual Booth for grab & go support.

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