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Have something on your mind in the world of higher education student success? Our blog will introduce you to recaps of newly published research and provide success stories, resources, and tips.

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How to Achieve a Significant Cohort Default Rate Reduction in < 12 Months

While many successfully repay their loans, others struggle and a significant number default.


Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom of Student Debt Letters

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a time to celebrate and honor moms, their wisdom,


Student Debt Letter Delivery: Compliance Insight

The Attigo Team recently sat down with Kristi Blaubaum, the business analyst behind our student


Student Success Champions at UW-La Crosse

Across the country we’re seeing innovative efforts to improve student success. The stories are


Default Rehabilitation: A First Step To A Second Chance

February brings more than just Valentines. It’s also the month when schools receive their draft


Default Prevention Pricing Models – Which is Best for You?

Default prevention service providers are tasked with reducing student loan delinquency and


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