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Helping people pay-off their student loans is a heroic move.

It's no surprise, student loan debt is negatively impacting the financial health of millions of people. From moving back in with parents, to not qualifying for a mortgage, to postponing retirement savings, the stress can be overwhelming.

Co-Pay Partners helps organizations make payments toward a student loan balance; reducing the borrower's financial obligation and the time it takes to pay-off their debt.

Employers can pay up to $5,250 annually toward an employee's student loan on a tax-free basis through 2025.  This tax-relief (for both employee and employer) makes it easier to implement a program to demonstrate your commitment to alleviating a stressful burden.

Recruit & Retain


80%+ of millennials would strongly consider a job with this benefit over one without it.


Reduce Financial Stress

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“It was super easy to register and sync my loans. I'm so thankful; this program takes a weight off my shoulders.” - Patrick Z.

Build Affinity


By 2021, 32% of employers will offer this type of program.

Help Borrowers Conquer their Student Loan Debt

Take a minute to read Kirstin's story and learn how this benefit can dramatically change lives.

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For Administrators

  • Ease financial burdens by helping to pay off education debt faster and reducing interest paid over the life of the loan
  • Eliminate the student loan payment vs. retirement contribution conflict
  • Boost morale and overall well-being
  • Flexibility in how you contribute: annually, quarterly, monthly
  • Your contribution is remitted directly to a borrower's loan servicer
  • No ERISA constraints - target specific departments where retention is difficult or offer the benefit to all

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Easy onboarding 


Impeccable customer support

For Employees

  • Great benefit to pay off student loans faster and reduce the overall amount of interest paid
  • Reduces stress
  • Allows for investments in other things (car, home, retirement)
  • Quick account set-up
  • Easy-to-use dashboard tracks contributions

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Highest level of Support

Using these solutions in tandem with each other you provide the highest level of support.


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