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Cohort Analyzer®

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The fast and easy way to tackle cohort data challenges

Cohort Analyzer is a data analysis tool that quickly and easily identifies cohort discrepancies. When used throughout the year it significantly reduces the time schools spend researching and preparing data challenges. This innovative solution compares data between multiple sources and highlights conflicts you’ll want to address.

Here's how Cohort Analyzer measures up


Saves Time

Our analysis identifies conflicts between multiple data sources.


High-touch Support

Quick access to dashboard and reports to work discrepancies as soon as identified.


Dynamic Data

Multiple data sources compared to highlight inconsistencies.



FISMA compliant using NIST protocols.

Free with Cohort Catalyst or purchase separately.

If you're a Cohort Catalyst customer, simply provide your NSLDS or PESC Report and we'll do the rest. There's a nominal fee to purchase Cohort Analyzer separately, based on the size of a school's cohort.

CohortAnalyzer_Data Funnel


School Impact
  • Year round use reduces the number of CDR challenges you have to submit
  • Saves valuable time and resources
Platform Features
  • No installation required
  • Student data protected in accordance with FERPA
  • Data sources include NSLDS Portfolio and PESC reports, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) database, school enrollment file and bankruptcy database
“As a former financial aid professional, I know the amount of time it takes to research CDR discrepancies. I built this analyzer to save you time. Let us do the analysis for you.”

Kristi Blabaum

System Integration Analyst, Ascendium

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