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Cohort Catalyst®

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Default prevention support

Eligible for Smart Sessions Exclusive Content

Cohort Catalyst uses targeted outreach, high-touch counseling and personalized support to help student loan borrowers achieve repayment success. Don't let your alum (or school) suffer the negative impacts of student loan delinquency and default.

Ignite repayment success


Experienced Team

Inbound/outbound call center with an elite squad of counselors who have a proven record of success.


24/7 Administrative Dashboard

Comprehensive metrics and reporting at your fingertips.


Comprehensive Support

We handle everything from data management to online learning.


School-branded Communication

Engaging borrowers at grace, forbearance and deferment end, throughout delinquency, and into default. 

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Wabash College


 360° of Support

360 Support


Borrower Impact
  • Students treated with dignity and respect
  • No talk-time limits, we take the time to explore long term solutions
  • Act as borrower advocate in calls with servicers and collection agencies
  • Student-facing repayment support website with chat option for added support
Platform Features
  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Skip trace research
  • Federal Student Aid loan data integration
  • Support all school types and their diverse student populations
“The wealth of knowledge and understanding I gained from the few times I have spoken with the team regarding my student debt is invaluable. I feel much more educated on my options and the status of assistance to repayment my debt. Thank you!”

A graduate from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

“I always appreciate getting a call from [Ascendium’s] repayment support. I have them in my phone as a trustworthy source of information for student loan repayment. With so many resources out there it’s hard to know who to trust. Great job and thanks for the help!”

A former student of Milwaukee Area Technical College

I really liked the person I spoke to. She listened and provided excellent information to me as well as being a caring person when I mentioned health struggles.

A Graduate From Valencia College

I appreciate the help I received,was getting scammed and I needed your team’s help. [The Rep] talked to the scammer with me on the phone, that’s when I realized how lucky I was to have her help.

A Former Student From Madison College

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    Each Attigo solution brings value to student success programming. But when combined their power to transform lives and achieve goals is exponentially greater.



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    Financial education and more, delivered online to support persistence and completion.

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    Student Debt Letter

    College Cost Meter®

    A student debt letter tool to improve outcomes and comply with state legislation.

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