Cohort Catalyst®

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Over the past 10 years we've helped
avoid default and its crippling consequences



Student loan defaults are damaging. Not only do they have severe consequences for students, but they can hurt a school's cohort default rate (CDR), reputation, and enrollment goals. That’s why we provide a default prevention and rehabilitation solution that drives student success to new heights.

Cohort Catalyst® empowers students through outreach, education, and counseling to help keep them on the road to success. It was built from the lessons we’ve learned by keeping millions of student loan borrowers out of default and helping those who have defaulted to successfully complete rehabilitation.

Proven Significant CDR Reduction

Cohort Catalyst achieved significant CDR reductions for the Wisconsin Technical College System. This system-wide, multi-pronged support is explored in our Default Prevention Services Case Study.

less than 12 months 13 colleges, 4,958 students cured, and 11.7% average CDR reduction

In The Last Fiscal Year Alone, We:

student loans from defaulting, totaling
Rehabilitated over
in student loans

Here’s How Cohort Catalyst Measures Up

Comprehensive Tool And Service

  • Data management and targeted outreach for the biggest impact in the shortest time
  • School-branded communication at grace, forbearance, and deferment-end, throughout delinquency, and default rehabilitation
  • Inbound/outbound call center with expert counseling
  • NEW! Student-facing repayment support website with chat option 

Experienced Team

  • Elite squad of expert counselors with proven record of success
  • Treat students with respect, dignity, and take the time needed to explore long term solutions
  • Act as borrower advocate in calls with servicers and collection agencies

Pricing Approach

  • Default Prevention: Outcome-based fees tied to meeting your goals
  • Default Rehabilitation: One-time per borrower fee for monthly outreach and support toward rehabilitation
  • 365-day guarantee on cures, no termination fee

Get Started with Cohort Catalyst

Cohort Catalyst is an Attigo student success solution. It can be used independently or in tandem with other Attigo solutions to further advance your student success goals.

  • College Cost Meter® is a customizable debt letter to keep students informed and empowered
  • GradReady® is an engaging online financial wellness curriculum