Cohort Catalyst

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Student loan defaults are damaging. Not only do they have severe consequences for students, but they can hurt a school's cohort default rate, reputation, and enrollment goals.

With tight budgets and limited resources, you need a cost effective repayment support and default prevention solution from a partner who can drive student success to new heights. Cohort Catalyst® empowers students through outreach, education, and counseling. It was built from the lessons we’ve learned by keeping millions of student loan borrowers out of default and on the road to success.

How Can We Help You Ignite Repayment Success?

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Here’s How Cohort Catalyst Measures Up

Comprehensive Tool and Service

  • Data management
  • School-branded outreach at grace-end, forbearance- and deferment-end, and throughout delinquency
  • Inbound call center with expert counseling
  • Skip trace research
  • 24/7 access to online dashboards and reports
  • FISMA compliant using NIST protocols
  • Student data protected in accordance with FERPA
  • ADA compliant communication
  • Fast and easy implementation

Experienced Team

  • Proven history of success
  • Take time to educate and explore long term solutions
  • Treat students with respect and dignity
  • Not just a warm transfer to servicers–counselors stay on the line to support and advocate for borrowers

Outcome-Based Pricing

  • Monthly fees tied to our performance in meeting your goals
  • We bill a small Outreach Begin Fee and a Cure Fee when the student account is brought current
  • 365-day guarantee on delinquent cures
  • No termination fee
  • An Estimated Annual Fee to help you gauge total fees

Cohort Catalyst is an Attigo student success solution. It can be used independently or in tandem with other Attigo solutions to further advance your student success goals.

  • College Cost Meter® is a customizable debt letter to keep students informed and empowered
  • GradReady® is an engaging online financial wellness curriculum