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College Cost Meter®

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A customizable, easy to use, and affordable debt letter solution

Improve persistence and completion, and comply with state requirements for sending student indebtedness data. College Cost Meter makes it easy for schools to present the financial aid, student loan, and institution-specific information students need to know.

School branding, no login barrier, and private loan details are just a few of the reasons why schools choose College Cost Meter for indebtedness communications.

Produce the correspondence you need to achieve your goals



Expansive list of financial aid categories; ability to update content to meet your needs.



Helps schools meet state-specific student debt letter legislation requirements.


Dynamic Data

School-generated file and NSLDS data helps students make critical choices and prepare for repayment.



Calculates and clearly presents student loan data in an easy-to-read format.

$2,500 annual subscription fee covers use of the solution, unlimited email sends, and a 24/7 accessible dashboard with reporting.





College Cost Meter FAQ's

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Borrower Impact
  • Students can assess their situation and make informed decisions to support completion
  • Understanding current indebtedness can lead to reduced borrowing
  • Repayment success is easier when future repayment amounts are reported
Platform Features
  • FISMA compliant using NIST protocols
  • Student data protected in accordance with FERPA
  • Components meet state's student debt letter requirements
  • No installation
  • ADA compliant communication
  • Reports and tracking for audit purposes
“Ascendium has provided an innovative and cost-saving solution with College Cost meter. It is easy to use and Ascendium worked with us to customize it to meet our needs. We are definitely interested in continuing our partnership.”

Jeff Cichon

Director of Financial Aid Student Services, Northcentral Technical College

    Combine with other products to maximize impact

    Each Attigo solution brings value to student success programming. But when combined their power to transform lives and achieve goals is exponentially greater.



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    Financial education and more, delivered online to support persistence and completion.

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    Cohort Catalyst®

    Personalized counseling to help students who struggle with repayment.

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