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Attigo Customer and Product Support Team Makes Your Success Their Mission

Posted on Apr 9, 2024 11:15:53 AM | By The Attigo Team

At Ascendium, we're committed to partnering with organizations to support higher education achievement, long-term financial wellness, and student loan repayment success. Achieving those goals often takes a village, and a key part of that village is the Attigo Customer and Product Support team.

Meet the Customer and Product Support Team

This dedicated group plays a vital role in ensuring our customers get the most out of the products and services we offer, including Attigo’s suite of student loan repayment solutions. With decades of experience behind them, the Support team is here to help employers and schools from onboarding and beyond. Shannon Chamberlain, Lisa Mohs Hickey, Jenessia Knox, Jasmin Ramirez, Katie Lee, and Cathy Moore are the friendly voices on the other end of the phone, the patient guides who walk you through setup, and the problem solvers who ensure everything runs smoothly at every point along the way.

Supporting Employers, Employees, Schools, and Students

The Support team works hand-in-hand with employers who seek to ease the burden of student loans for their employees. They also play a crucial role in supporting Attigo’s college and university customers.

  • A Warm Welcome: Right from the start, the Support team works with employers to understand their individual needs and goals to ensure a smooth and simple onboarding process. And the support doesn’t stop there — the team continues to assist employers at every step in their journey, whether it’s through additional staff training or navigating policy changes.
  • Employee Support: In addition to helping employers directly, the Support team provides ongoing support for employees through the student loan support options and financial wellness tools offered by their employer. This empowers employers to offer valuable benefits that help their employees navigate student loan repayment.

Going the Extra Mile for Schools

  • Needs Assessment: They work closely with schools to understand their specific requirements and tailor solutions accordingly.
  • Training and Support: The Support team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to empower school staff. They proactively check in to ensure everyone feels comfortable using the tools, especially when there are staff changes.

Custom Support

The Attigo Customer and Product Support team isn't afraid to tackle anything. Because they understand that every organization has unique needs, they take a personalized approach that includes specialized support for each customer. They handle a wide variety of requests and special projects, constantly expanding their knowledge base to provide the best possible support to our customers.

As the backbone of our customer care, the Attigo Customer and Product Support team understands that satisfied customers are our foundation. Their dedication to building trust and providing exceptional support is what truly sets Ascendium apart.

Ready to see how our Product Support team can help your organization succeed? Check out our support options and contact us to get started.

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