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Give a Smart Restart to Employees or Alum

Posted on Jul 7, 2023 8:39:47 AM | By The Attigo Team
A student loan borrower getting a Smart Restart back into repayment.

Never in the history of federal student loans have borrowers faced more unprecedented circumstances than now.

The student loan payment pause that began in March 2020 was intended to only last six months. Instead, three and a half years later, student loan interest accrual will resume on Sept. 1, 2023, and payments will be due starting in October.

  • Of the 43 million borrowers beginning repayment at the same time, most have not made a payment since the pause began. (Sources: Federal Student Aid (FSA), Federal Reserve).
  • 8 million borrowers have not selected a repayment plan and will start with a standard payment amount. (Source: FSA)
  • 16 million borrowers’ loans transferred to a new servicer, with more to transfer this year. (Source: CFPB)

Higher education institutions have always had a vested interest in helping their students and alum understand what it means to take on student debt. But it's only been in the last year or so that employers are seeing the important connection. Providing a student loan repayment support benefit reduces employee stress and improves employee financial wellness. These are key to overcoming recruitment and retention challenges within the organization. Now, more than ever, it’s vital for people with student loan debt to get the additional support needed to successfully repay their student loans.

Student Loan Servicer Challenges Will Affect Support

Industry experts have followed this changing situation very closely. We know that student loan servicers have experienced shifts in their loan portfolios, have fewer and newer staff, and have gone through FSA contract changes and cancelations. The results could mean that borrowers may experience longer hold times when seeking help, shorter customer support hours, paperwork processing delays, and heightened confusion that could lead to a potential spike in defaults. (Source: Forbes)

Ease the Burden of Student Loan Repayment with Expert Support

Providing student loan repayment support is a win-win for schools and employers. Schools can help improve alum financial wellness, maintain positive rapport, and minimize borrower delinquency and default. Employers can show they care for their employees, alleviate financial and emotional stress, and help people reach their financial goals.

We can help borrowers who are recent grads and have never been in repayment, seasoned grads who may be eligible for forgiveness, and parent borrowers who borrowed for their children’s education.

A Smart Restart Is As Easy As 1-2-3


Videos, articles, and guides are available to help people achieve their financial goals and navigate repayment.

  • Income-based repayment plan explanations.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
  • Long-term borrower forgiveness options.
  • Loan consolidation.
  • Money management.
  • Professional development.
1:1 Counseling

When student loan repayment questions or concerns arise, borrowers can contact our Success Coaches through a toll-free phone number, by email, or chat.

  • Accurate guidance from experienced loan counselors.
  • Personalized support to implement the best repayment plan.
  • Protection from scammers.
  • Ability to bypass loan servicers’ long wait-times.
Mobile-Optimized Technology

Provided by Savi, this sophisticated tool identifies payment options for borrowers with a focus on savings and forgiveness.

  • Helps strategize and implement the best payment program for each borrower’s unique situation.
  • Streamlines and digitizes paperwork to minimize the risk of confusion or errors.
  • Helps prevent delinquency and default.

Added bonus!

Take advantage of repayment support webinars, a resource for employees or alum to ask questions and gather essential information.

Help your employees or alum with the challenging road ahead by adding our cost-effective, expert student loan repayment support.

Employers learn more here. Schools learn more here.

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