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New Philanthropic Initiative Focuses on Struggling Student Loan Borrowers

Posted on Oct 5, 2023 3:07:36 PM | By The Attigo Team

While Ascendium sells services to schools, employers, and service providers, we’re also a leading postsecondary education and workforce training philanthropy. With this mission in mind and in collaboration with our business partner Savi, we decided to launch a campaign to engage and support struggling borrowers who are most at-risk for delinquency and default. We're pleased to work with Savi because we see first-hand the powerful impact the Savi Repayment Tool is having in helping borrowers.

Savi is a social impact technology startup founded by long-time student loan experts and advocates. They’re working to solve the pressing student debt crisis by helping people discover new repayment and loan forgiveness options through a sophisticated mobile-optimized tool. Savi is partnering with nationwide nonprofit organizations like Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network and Young Invincibles to spread the word about the free services available.

  • Low-income borrowers, borrowers of color, and recent graduates simply need to visit mywaytorepay.com and either register for a webinar or sign up for a free account to get an estimate of savings.
  • The Savi tool analyzes more than 150 programs (including Public Service Loan Forgiveness) to help each borrower not only find, but also enroll in the best repayment program for their situation.
  • When student loan repayment questions or concerns arise, borrowers can contact an experienced loan counselor by phone, email, or chat for personal guidance.

Learn more at mywaytorepay.com.

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