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Helping people reach their full potential

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Attigo® is a suite of solutions created to help people reach their goals and attain lifelong success. In partnership with higher education organizations, employers and service providers, our comprehensive solutions support academic achievement, financial wellness and student loan repayment success.
The competition for top talent is fierce. A student loan paydown benefit helps you stand out. Download our e-book now.
The competition for top talent is fierce. A student loan paydown benefit helps you stand out. Download our e-book now.

Services We Provide


Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Make contributions to your employees’ student loans to help them conquer their debt more quickly, reduce their financial stress, improve workplace productivity and employee retention.

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Student Loan Counseling

Personalized counseling from trustworthy experts trained to help people effectively manage their highly complex student loans.


Online Financial Education

Improve financial knowledge through online training, tools and resources.


Online Professional Training

Online training to support student success, money management and professional development.

Who We Serve

Businesses, Benefit Providers and Brokers, Government Entities
Attract and retain employees with valuable student loan repayment assistance and loan counseling benefits. Provide the support employees need to reduce the angst of student loans.
Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Member Organizations
Protect customers or members with a trustworthy student loan counseling service and online financial education. Strengthen affinity and help people achieve their financial goals.
Colleges, Universities, Scholarship Providers, Student Loan Lenders
Proven solutions to help you improve student outcomes, reduce student loan delinquency and default, and develop professionally.
“With everything we do, we are always mindful that helping people achieve their education and financial goals in life benefits us all.”

Jeff Crosby

President & Chief Executive Officer | Ascendium Education Solutions



    There are numerous costs associated with losing employees — more than meet the eye. A Student Loan Repayment (SLRA) benefit that can help you retain high performing employees can pay for itself. Our SLRA Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator uses the company data you provide to calculate an estimate of the positive outcomes SLRA can have on your organization.


    Herzing University is dedicated to helping students earn postsecondary degrees and advance their careers and fostering long-term success. As a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)-eligible employer with 10 campuses and 1,200 employees across seven states, their vice president of financial aid & compliance shares how employee care in all aspects of life fosters retention.


    In 2021, the Great Resignation brought unexpected challenges. Millions of employees quit their jobs, and millions more are slated to follow. Ascendium’s research uncovered important insights every employer needs to know to compete for top talent in this tough job market. More than 4,300 people share thoughts on their search for better pay and benefits and an improved work/life balance.


    Student Loan Repayment Assistance (SLRA) is one of the fastest growing employee benefits. With student loans being such a heavy burden for many employees, providing this unique benefit helps you to attract and retain top talent. Our guide is your roadmap! It answers key questions about SLRA, provides the steps and resources to establish and implement an SLRA program in a month or two — any time of year regardless of budget cycle.

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