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A Closer Look at Ascendium’s Philanthropy

Posted on Feb 8, 2024 8:20:56 AM | By The Attigo Team
A diverse group of college students sitting around a table working amiably

You may already know us for our dedicated support in the realm of student loans, but our impact goes beyond helpful tools and services. Attigo solutions are provided by Ascendium, a mission-driven nonprofit. Ascendium’s education philanthropy is actively working to improve postsecondary education and workforce training systems across the country. Here’s a glimpse into how Ascendium is working to make a difference.

Focused Philanthropy

Ascendium’s philanthropy is driven by a commitment to dismantling persistent barriers hindering the success of learners from low-income backgrounds. This includes a special emphasis on supporting first-generation students, rural students, veterans, students of color, and incarcerated learners.

As one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic postsecondary education and workforce training philanthropies, Ascendium directs the net proceeds from services and investments into programs and innovations with the potential for broad impact. In 2023, Ascendium awarded nearly $101 million in new grants to support partners working on innovations aimed at helping individuals from low-income backgrounds achieve their education and career goals. These grants play a crucial role in driving positive change within education systems.

Targeting System Change

Ascendium is all about making big changes to the way things work, so that learners from low-income backgrounds have equitable opportunities for both academic and career success. We recognize the evolving landscape of education and tailor our efforts to meet the changing needs of today’s students in a variety of ways.

Community Impact

Postsecondary education and workforce training don’t just benefit individuals — they contribute to the creation of stronger communities and local economies. For example, Americans with education beyond high school are much more likely to give charitably and volunteer in their communities. Ascendium is committed to fostering this positive impact through strategic initiatives.

Curious to delve deeper into Ascendium’s grantmaking efforts? Keep an eye out for our upcoming 2023 Education Philanthropy report, where we will provide comprehensive insights into our initiatives, successes, and the ongoing journey towards a more inclusive postsecondary education landscape.

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