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Virginia Student Debt Letter Legislation

Here's how to navigate it

Student debt letters are a great way to help you retain the students you've worked so hard to enroll. But for an already overworked staff, debt letter legislation can feel like just one more area requiring compliance. Our free downloadable resources can help you find your way!

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Legislation Recap

An easy-to-read analysis on what’s required in Virginia, when, and which schools must comply.

Official Legislation

Gives you the published details passed in Virginia.

Debt Letter Example

Depicts how a Virginia school's student debt letter may look.

How have your peers tackled student debt letters?

We surveyed schools mandated to send debt letters to learn how they tackled the task.

This summary report shares valuable insight!


Where does the debt letter data come from?

College Cost Meter uses a school-generated file and NSLDS data that we collect to provide your students with the personalized financial aid details you want them to know. Our high-touch support makes debt letters easy. We'll work with you to:

  • Create your School College Cost Meter File
  • Help customize your debt letter to meet your student success goals
  • Perform a test to ensure it's working great

Download our Quick Guide for Virginia

The Quick Guide for Virginia helps schools navigate the School College Cost Meter File layout. It identifies the fields (in accordance with state requirements) that a school will need to populate in creating their School College Cost Meter File.


We're here to help!