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Help Employees Navigate Student Loan Repayment

Our online education tools and personalized counseling support help employees who are recent grads who’ve never been in repayment, seasoned grads who may be eligible for forgiveness, and parents who borrowed for their children’s education.
Employers who address the stress of student loan confusion by providing personalized loan counseling stand out in a competitive labor market.

Repayment Success is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Education

Self-help resources at your employees’ fingertips. Our Knowledge Center website provides videos, articles, and guides to help employees achieve their financial goals and navigate repayment.
  • Income-based repayment plans.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness and other forgiveness programs.
  • Loan consolidation, money management, and professional development.

2. One-To-One Counseling

When student loan repayment questions arise, employees can contact our Student Loan Success Center™ through a toll-free phone number without long wait times. Employees can also contact success coaches by email or chat.
  • Provides accurate guidance from experienced student loan counselors.
  • Delivers personalized support based on the employee’s unique situation.
  • Protects employees from scammers.

3. Mobile-Optimized Technology

Provided by Savi, this sophisticated tool identifies repayment options for borrowers, with a focus on savings and forgiveness.
  • Detects eligibility for 150+ repayment and forgiveness programs and presents options side-by-side for comparison.
  • Helps strategize and implement the best payment program.
  • Streamlines and digitizes paperwork to minimize confusion or errors.
  • Helps ensure employees don’t become delinquent, default, or pay more on their student loans than needed.

An Intro to PSLF in under 10 Minutes

Learn how it works, identify if you’re a qualified employer, and more.

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Borrowers Score Our Counselors

  • 97% were very satisfied or satisfied with the support they received.
  • 93% received very clear information.
  • 95% are very or somewhat likely to use our counseling again.

Based on a recent survey we provided to borrowers after their call with us. These results reflect more than 2,800 responses.

“I am extremely grateful for the assistance today on the phone. This process has been very overwhelming for me, and your staff member today was not only professional and patient, she was kind and knowledgeable. She answered many questions I had and said she would have someone contact me to make sure that I am clear on the next step and my status. She was very good at her job, and considering I was very tearful in the beginning and ended the call very happy says a lot. Thank you!”


“My representative was so very patient with me, as I recently transitioned to retirement, my loan servicer changed, payments are different, etc. I'm just grateful I had someone who took all the time needed for me to understand my options.”


“I found the advisor to be incredibly helpful — she looked at my application and assisted me with finding areas that I should have completed but missed!”


“Super knowledgeable representative. This whole process is so confusing, and she made it so clear. It took me 20 minutes to wrap my head around who does what, but ALL my questions were answered. The training and expertise and knowledge of your people is so helpful for a lost soul like me. Also — and this is HUGE — I got someone right away. I almost thought it was an automated system but was so shocked to see a real person answered. Thank you!”


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